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Xalisco at Salihara.jpg

'Xalisco, a place' at LIFE's Festival, Jakarta

'Xalisco, a Place' at LIFE's Festival Salihara, Jakarta. 

Xalisco Singapore showcase.jpg

'Xalisco, a place' showcase Singapore.

'Xalisco, a Place' showcase in Singapore.

'Xalisco, a Place' Low Fat Art Fest V3, Bangkok. 

Xalisco in Bangkok.jpg

'Xalisco, a place' at Low Fat Art Fest V3, Bangkok

'Xalisco, a place' at Guadalajara

'Xalisco, a Place' at Low Fat Art Festival V3, Bangkok. 

Xalisco Guadalajara.jpg

'Xalisco, a place' at Guadalajara

'Xalisco, a place'

Xalisco takes place - in the 'liquid realmʼ of the timelessness of memory and dreams. A non-linear performance, Xalisco presents moments in time; random, wicked, unstructured.  Through the seemingly unrelated scenes, the memory of the town and the ghosts of the town-walls themselves, tell the story of Xalisco.


Originally performed at Salihara Art Center in Jakarta, Indonesia at the LIFE's Festival in 2017 as works-in-progress with an all Indonesian cast.

Second adaptation as part of Low Fat Art Festival Vol.3 in Bangkok, Thailand, February 2019 with an all Singaporean cast.

‘Xalisco, a place’ full length was performed at the 47th edition of the Festival Internacional Cervantino in Guanajuato – Mexico, October 2019 with additional tour in Guadalajara's Conjunto Santander of Performing Arts and CENART Mexico City. 

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