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Who We Are

With vastly different backgrounds but bound by a common passion of the Arts - Inés Somellera, an artist working at the intersection of theater, dance, and performance art, and Felia Salim, with decades of experience in the finance world - established [ESAS] as a tranquil space, where people from various cultures and diverse disciplines could convene, exchange ideas, collaborate and to bring about innovative, fresh initiatives.

Since its inception eight years ago, [ESAS] has come to be a reputable creative arts hub in Jakarta. It has launched scores of activities in many disciplines including the performing arts, literature, visual arts, poetry readings, film screenings and culinary events.

As a part of [ESAS]’s broader arts programming, Ines has offered the Indonesian audiences an intimate look into Latin American art and culture, a region little known in this part of the world. Felia has developed programs to corporate, NGOs and government sectors, that are relevant to arts and culture. They are, in fact, complementary and open doors to vast new horizons. Business, as well as the arts, need creative minds to bring about innovate solutions to today’s challenges.

The uniqueness of the founders’ different backgrounds has enabled the interaction between a large and diverse audience to a wide range of topics. [ESAS] provides the means and access to bridge and merge bankers and musicians, artists and academics, to professionals in fields with which they would not normally interact, creating its own ‘[ESAS] community’.

The [ESAS] organization sees the exchange of cultures and disciplines as a way to stimulate people’s minds, creativity, and curiosity with the goal of enriching the human experience in general. In pursuit of this goal, [ESAS] collaborate with many individuals and organizations in Indonesia and the world. [ESAS] is a not-for-profit organization.

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Who We Are: About Us
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