We see the exchange of cultures and disciplines as a way to stimulate people's minds, creativity, and curiosity with the goal of enriching the human experience in general. 

In pursuit of this goal, [ESAS] collaborates with many individuals and organizations in Indonesia and internationally. 

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Arts & Culture Activities

Showcasing unique arts and culture in transcending time and borders. We approach the base of the culture, the truthful process, and the mystery of what lies underneath the surface.

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Performing Arts: Xalisco, a place

A dance and theater performance produced by [ESAS]. The piece is conceived and directed by  

Ines Somellera. 

Xalisco, a Place will be performing at the the 47th Festival Internacional Cervantino and Guadalajara this 2019.  

Good Society

Good society programs want to influence people, to be moved, to evoke and to take action towards building a better society. 


Engage in the development of human learning to embody a positive mindset which brings about ethical intelligence.


Our programs focus on the positive and posible, the potential in every aspect of our lives.


Through projects of leadership and thought provoking activities.




Hints is the first [ESAS] publication.

The book is about a journey of oneself in pursuing self-knowledge, which includes anecdotes of travels, professional life and written dialogues with the body.

Launched at the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2008. Launched at Aksara Kemang with Reza Goenawan and Dewi Lestari, Winner of design for Best Cover by TDC 2008 by Ena Cardenal de La Nuez.


Well-being & Healthcare

We believe curing starts from caring, realizing self-knowledge results in an understanding of the whole. [ESAS] is looking into initiatives to human–centric healthcare.

Work in progress