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Padmini Chettur 

The Rigorous Practice of Freedom

Part of the International Dance Festival 2019

“The body is the only archive of the physical memories of dance,” Padmini Chettur.

Where does the body begin, and where does it end? At its core,

this is the question once asked by Chandralekha - for whom Padmini danced for ten years - becomes the constant guiding light.


In her exhibition at [ESAS], various archives are displayed, not to replace the experience of watching Padmini’s live performances, but to serve in tracing the trajectory of a choreographic body over two decades.

It is a trajectory that places the body at the center, putting an emphasis on its relations to time, whilst at the same time it carved out a distinct spatial configuration that highlights her fixation on the feminine body.


Padmini’s depth and breath of work resonates with the spirit of inquiry central to [ESAS].

Padmini Chettur: Welcome
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