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Good Society

Good society programs want to influence people, to be moved, to evoke and to take action towards building a better society. 


Engage in the development of human learning to embody a positive mindset which brings about ethical intelligence.


Our programs focus on the positive and possible, the potential in every aspect of our lives.

Through projects of leadership and thought provoking activities.

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Leadership Learning Lab

ESAS Good Society - Transformational Leadership Learning Lab had over 100+ participants from all over the world, different continents, different time zone.

Transformational Leadership Learning Lab

A laboratory for future leaders coming from different cultural backgrounds and multi disciplines. Designing prototypes of initiatives that they co-initiate and co-create. To seek a new paradigm, one that is ethical in social ecology.

Miha Pogacnik: Leadership in Tune

Miha Pogacnik is a violinist, visionary and leadership expert from Slovenia. During his visit to Jakarta, he lead a workshop titled 'Leadership in Tune: Achieving Leadership Resonance Through Music'.

Good Society Discussion: Programs

Good Society Discussion

The Good Society provides solutions to align the next generation of leaders for the needs of our society. We aim to become a key force developing and shaping future society.

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