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Alteraksi #3

Alteraksi is a program designed to stimulate ideas and emotions through a combination of processes such of film appreciation, idea and intuition sublimation, exchange of perspective, and reflection. Alteraksi aims to celebrate the voice of the audience and stimulate new perspective on dynamics of our daily lives.

Alteraksi #3, and [ESAS] as a collaborator, brings you a set of films and invites you to look closer on portrays of families. Conventionally, family is defined by the presence of a father, a mother, and children. It is the initial environment where children are nourished then enriched, physically then everything  else. ‘Kisah di Hari Minggu’ and ‘Baba’ represent two common middle-low class  families which seemingly value Indonesian traditional and cultural values. 

By combining facilitation method and the effort to contextualize the film, the process of Tukar  Pandang allows the audience to gain various perspectives; not only on the relation between their lives with the stories in the film, but also on the diverse way to see and to attend to the ups-and-downs in their daily life. 

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