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Drupadi ID 

Dramatic Reading 'Dua Manusia'

Responding to the concept of ‘difference’ and the social phenomenon in Indonesia, Drupadi ID felt the urge to send breath of fresh air post Indonesia election in 2019. Drupadi ID presented a theatrical piece which invites all to reunite, appreciate conflict, and embrace the conflicts, titled Dua Manusia.

A dramatic reading was presented as a preliminary performance at [ESAS], July 2019. Read by main actors Khiva Iskak and Rummana Yamanie, written by Agnes Christina, the reading was also followed by an open discussion stripping down the creator’s ideas and allowing new perspectives to enrich the performance. Amongst the audience were Ninik L. Karim (senior actress and lecturer), Yayu Unru (senior actor and mime), Jasso Winarno, journalists, and young performance enthusiasts.


'Dua Manusia’ is a loose adaptation from the novel of the same title written by Jasso Winarno, published in 1978.

Padmini Chettur: Welcome
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