Arts & Culture Activities

Xalisco a Place_8393.jpg

'Xalisco, a place'

A dance and theater performance produced by [ESAS]. The piece is conceived and directed by

Ines Somellera. 

'Xalisco, a place' will be performing at the the Festival Internacional Cervantino and touring Mexico this 2019.  

Hartati: Hari Ini

A dance performance as part of the 'Empowering Women Artist' program of Yayasan Kelola. 

Concept and choreography by Hartati. Dramaturgy by Ines Somellera and produced by [ESAS]

Padmini exhibition 2.jpg

Padmini Chettur

The Rigorous Practice of Freedom

A discussion with Padmini Chettur in [ESAS], collaborating with the Indonesian Dance Festival 2019. Padmini shared her dancing experience along side her audio visual exhibition.


Chamber Music with Cascade Trio 

Cascade Trio from Bandung, held a concert in [ESAS]. The event showcased classical pieces.

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Latin American Movie Screenings

A collaboration work with Latin American Embassies in Jakarta, Salihara community, Livelife. More than 12 selected screenings films a year in our Triangle Room in [ESAS].

Drupadi ID

Dua Manusia Reading

[ESAS] facilitated its space for the dramatic reading of ‘Dua Manusia’, a production by a performing arts collective in Jakarta, Drupadi ID. 


Alteraksi #3, and [ESAS] as a collaborator, brings you a set of films and invites you to look closer on portrays of families.

Art Exhibition & Brazilian Night

A showcase of paintings by Amanda Navarro, a Brazilian artist. 

Brazilian music was presented by Amelia Ong and Tiyo Alibasjah, the ambassadors of Brazilian music.

The Evolution of Latin Music

A journey of latin music with Prof. Tjut Nyak Deviana Daudsjah of Institut Music Daya Indonesia, and guest speaker Veronica Nunn, an American jazz singer who has been the featured vocalist with Michael Franks since 1992. The event was part of the Festival LIFEs in Salihara.


A Literary Dinner

A literary dinner with Chef Alejandra Yick Alvares from Mexico. She specializes in Mole Poblano, a native cuisine from Puebla.

In addition to delectable dinner dishes, guests had a taste of live reading of a selection of Mexican literary gems.