Empu Sendok Arts Station

Local culture community in South Sulawesi


'Xalisco, a place' at Low Fat Art Fest V3, Bangkok

Padmini Chettur exhibition in [ESAS]

Trio Chamber performing at [ESAS]


Established in 2017, [ESAS] is a non-profit platform, dedicated in developing societal arts. [ESAS] interprets the 'arts' not only through artistic endeavors but also in a wider sense through seminars, workshops and discussions groups on good governance, social justice, health, economy - all that promote the values towards the betterment of a good society. 


It also facilitates the discourse of a wide range of themes, within the current public sphere in governance, human rights, well-being, and sustainability. It aims to give value to society in many forms such as performing arts, music, dance, film, literature, and culinary events.

We believe the exchange between different cultures, disciplines or professions bring out new fresh ideas and enrich experience those who cross path with [ESAS].

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Jalan Empu Sendok 39, Jakarta Selatan